Introducing state of art technological solutions in Central Asia


Introducing state of art technological solutions in Central Asia

APINTECH LTD, located in Cyprus,  in the framework of its participation in MOST, a Switch Asia EuropeAid project, is introducing state of the art environmental certification as well as real time building monitoring technology (BMS) in hundreds of tourism enterprises in Central Asia.

As far as certification is concerned a special cloud environment has been set up in Russian and is currently in use to assist data collection and reporting for ISO 140001, CSR and the HCMI standard, an emerging certification initiative for the tourism sector (see 1 min video)

As far as building monitoring is concerned, smart meters and environmental sensors are being installed and monitored in real time (every 4 min) via the company BMS dashboard. See below the real time smart meter publishing real time data on the BMS installed at Absolute hotel in Kazakhstan.

After these installations are completed the behavioural monitoring technology of APINTECH will be introduced to the building owners allowing them to have a better understanding of their patterns of energy use.

"The tourism sector can function in a sustainable way if awareness and best practices are provided through capacity building and technology transfer. Currently, despite language barriers and pandemic restrictions, a considerable effort of coordinating technical training and hardware installation jointly made by the Consortium together with local Partners and final beneficiaries (tourism MSMEs) is proving effective, as first measurable results are visible.”

MOST Co-ordinator, Gian Andrea Paolo Garancini

“Within the first stage of the framework of the MOST project, Kazakhstan tourism SMEs received knowledge on environmental certification and work with ICT. We are now at the next stage, the goal of which is to install smart meters and environmental sensors for the implementation of sustainable consumption and production measures in tourism enterprises. It is planned to install equipment at 10 SMEs in Kazakhstan.”

Aigerim Yessenaliyeva, Eurasian Tourism Association Executive director

“What an extraordinary exercise! Constantly working between the Asian user teams and coordinating with the APINTECH backoffice! Sometimes I feel we may be pushing too much for advanced technology but on the other hand this is what generates discussions, insights, broadens horizons and opens new development paths to our Asian partners. Capacity building in its full!” 

Alfio Galata, APINTECH front end co-ordinator of the certification activities in Central Asia





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