WP1: Capacity building of tourism MSMEs and associations on adapting EU
Environmental standards and on supporting technological solutions

Task 1.1 // Training on GSTC criteria for sustainable tourism, relevant standardsas well as on green procurement
Task 1.2 // Training on ICT tools provided and permanently installed at target groups/stakeholders

WP2: Support the implementation of SCP

Task 2.1A // 380 installations of standard / certification preparation software
aiming also at the identification of sustainable investments
Task 2.1.B // 60 installations of real time monitoring of water, energy consumption as well as indoor comfort parameters
Task 2.2 // Pilots evaluation
Task 2.3 // Corrections, finalization
Task 2.4 // Organisation of networking events between MSMEs and business angels and investors for facilitating the adoption of the SCP practices
Task 2.5 // Identification of financial resources from EU and other international donors
Task 2.6 // Marketing support of the MSMEs
Task 2.7 // Transfer of EU best/good practices

WP3: Strengthening the role of regional and local authorities in sustainable development and enhancement of the public dialogue

Task 3.1 // Workshops for sustainable planning (EU SEAP/SECAP plans)

Task 3.2 // Round tables among targeted SMES and local and regional authorities
Task 3.3 // Policy recommendations, improvement of legislative framework

WP4: Awareness raising of users of tourist services on sustainable consumption in the area of water, waste, recycling and energy behaviour

Task 4.1 // Workshops for end users regarding the sustainable consumption
Task 4.2 // Organisation of promotional campaign related to sustainable tourism
Task 4.3 // Design and production of promotional materials
Task 4.4 // Development and printing of guidelines

WP5: Dissemination

Task 5.1 // Website
Task 5.2 // Final Conference

For more information download the attached powerpoint
Description of the Action V.2



•    380 tourism MSMEs trained on the use of tools
     and SCP methodologies and standards (GSTC criteria, Travelife
     and relevant standards, and green procurement);

•    440 tourism MSMEs in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan
     equipped with the appropriate ICT tools and knowledge
     for adoption of SCP practices;

•    At least 50 tourism MSMEs trained on marketing tools;

•    Dialogue between state actors and business sector
     for sustainable tourism strengthened;

•    Recommendations formulated for the adoption of sustainable
     tourism in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan.

•    Local and regional authorities supported in policy planning
     and linking it to investment and other support instruments;

•    Awareness about the sustainable usage of water and energy raised;

•    Access of MSMEs to finance promoted;

•    Role of local and regional authorities in sustainable tourism

•    SCP practices adopted in the tourism sector.




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